Real News: Beware of Fake Faith News!

Ah, it’s Christmas-time, the wonderful season when Fake Faith News finds “persecution!” as well as “miracles!” everywhere. For instance. . . Elementary school in Pennsylvania cancels their school play, “A Christmas Carol” Rumor is. . .it was cancelled because Tiny Tim says, “God Bless Us Everyone” Breitbart, FOX, other conservative local stations pick up the […]

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Reasons People Choose Atheism

A religion teacher at Cal Irvine compiled a remarkable list of reasons that people in history have decided to choose non-theism.  It’s worth a scan down the list. Little Things Can Make an Atheist A few of my favorites: “Jesus as a ‘son of God’ is just as suspect as all other ancient ‘sons of […]

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Reason for the Season

The birth of a Palestinian Jew to a poor refugee family 2000 years ago may be the reason for the holiday known as Christmas, but the reason for the season is really pretty clear. Natural Beauty. And. . .Reason is also a pretty good thing to celebrate, in any season!

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