They Go Low, We Go High

  If anyone asks what a “Secular Chaplain” is or does. . .here’s one good explanation: A Secular Chaplain, like the Constitution, tips the hat to Religion (with due respect), but never bends the knee (with reverence). Put another way, this kind of open air/open mind worldview loves Nature, learns from Nature and saunters forward […]

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Blue Ridge Beauty

Mountains. . .Rivers. . .Falls. . .Forests. . .Flowers. . .Trails. . .Skies. On our drive from Waynesboro, VA to Asheville, NC we covered 325 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway–a national treasure.  We only have a few miles more to complete the whole 469-mile journey.  Then, we’ll keep going back to the beauty!  

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Freethinkers Need to Claim “Religious Freedom”

Reading Douglas Brinkley’s excellent article honoring Thoreau’s 200th birthday (“Thoreau’s Wilderness Legacy,” NYT, July 9, 2017), I sat back to ponder an oddly reasonable thought: Since wildness preserves the world (as “Saint Henry” and his disciples have taught) and secular citizens respect, even reverence, this world as much as any believer reveres their god, because […]

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The Liberty Tree Still Grows

It’s July 5th.  Inter-dependence Day. (I’ve always thought that would be a good idea). We just returned from a two-week drive to the spectacular Outer Banks (NC), back across green and gorgeous Virginia, and down along the majestic Blue Ridge Parkway. Since we seek out beauty in Nature (trails, wildlife, viewpoints) as well as historical […]

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