Animals in Heaven, saith the Papa


I like much of what Pope Francis comes out with.  While I’m not at all popish, his latest remarks on animals going to heaven* seem based more on childlike thinking.  In fact, he was comforting a child who lost his dog.  That’s sweet and cute.  Probably bad theology and bible-bumbling, but still a nice thing to say.  I guess.

But I have to say I was a bit startled by a few things in this Seattle Times article.

Christine Gutleben, senior director of faith outreach at the Humane Society, the largest animal-protection group in the United States [said]. “Almost immediately, everybody was talking about it.”

The Humane Society has a Director of Faith Outreach?!  Oh brother.

Anyway, only a comment by a pope about animals in heaven could get the Catholic Church all stirred up for yet another angels-on-a-pinhead debate (oh, wait, there’s also those pesky issues of the rights of women, gays, etc).

Oh, but then, wait a minute!  PETA has faith outreach too!  What?

Sarah Withrow King, director of Christian outreach and engagement at PETA, said the pope’s remarks vindicated the biblical portrayal of heaven as peaceful and loving, and could influence eating habits, moving Catholics away from consuming meat — something she said had already been happening anyway.

“It’s a vegan world, life over death and peace between species,” she said. “I’m not a Catholic historian, but PETA’s motto is that animals aren’t ours, and Christians agree. Animals aren’t ours, they’re God’s.”

Right.  Animals belong to God.  I guess that means that baboons are believers too?  Odd that we don’t see any spiders, snakes or mosquitoes in this picture:

Francis and animals

So here’s the picture (no one wants to talk about):  Heaven is one huge, jam-packed Church Service where every Christian (that’s TRUE Christian) will worship and praise God for Eternity (that’s Forever) and right alongside them all (at their feet and on their laps and shoulders) will be Every Animal that Ever Lived!  Holy Stables!

I wonder how the janitor angels feel about cleaning up the Cloud Church after the T-Rex Herd has been there worshipping along with Billions of Believers?  And it has to be really hard to concentrate on singing Handel’s Messiah for the 2 millionth time with all those clouds of mosquitoes and flies!

See what absurdity this all leads to?

(but I secretly hope that cute little puppies and kittens go to Happyland when they. . .gulp. . .die!)

*It appears it was another Papa who said this. . .but Popes will be Popes


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