Crossing Fences of Faith and Freethought

“Freethought, Faith and the Future” (Could the Secular Vision of Star Trek offer a Way Forward?) Author’s Note: This essay was submitted to the “Response” magazine published by Seattle Pacific University, the wealthy west coast evangelical university where I received my B.A. in Religion and Philosophy. After a month and two emails, the editor tersely […]

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Snow Church

A number of churches were closed this weekend due to heavy snow and ice.  For those of us in the secular community, it was just another wonderful day in Nature’s open-air Sanctuary!

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Tom Paine’s Church

An essay on Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason with reflection on his revolutionary statement: “My own mind is my own church.” Thomas Paine’s Church Your comments and responses are welcome. 

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What is This?

I call it a “Dino-bug” since it has the look of a stegosaurus or something.  And yes, I’m too lazy to look it up right now, so thought I’d see who might know. Didn’t seem to want to fly, or attack.  Like a stick bug. So, what is it? Then again, I recall naturalist John […]

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Fake Jews, Fake Christians

Long ago and far away I was a member of “Jews for Jesus.”  When I grew up and got educated, I learned that Jesus was indeed a heretic Jew, but Jews do not worship Jesus.  It is deeply offensive for Jewish people to have a “rabbi” pray for them “in the name of Yeshua/Jesus.”  The […]

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New “Gospel” for Freethinkers!

My new book, A Freethinker’s Gospel, has just been published by Pisgah Press. A Freethinker’s Gospel is a collection of 53 essays drawn from my weekly “Highland Views” columns published on the Religion page (!) of the Asheville Citizen-Times.  The book is enhanced by a selection of my Nature photographs, primarily from the Blue Ridge […]

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Harder to Talk about God?

  I shook my head and smiled my way through this article (in the NYT) written by the son of a megachurch pastor, who complains that it’s just gotten so hard to talk about God these days. Gosh golly.  A person moves away from the South, from Christian school and Christian culture where everyone talks about […]

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