Something to Ponder

Reading more from John Muir before teaching my class today, this thought sauntered into my mind: We can’t BELIEVE what we SEE sometimes. . . So we tend to SEE what we BELIEVE. I read that to the class as a point to ponder, inspired by Muir’s interest in seeing Nature and the natural world […]

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Secular Chaplain Prays with Muslims

Way way back in Evangelical college days, I was invited to pray with a small circle of Muslim students from Saudi Arabia (their government liked the “protective environment” and restrictions at our conservative school). Wahleed and I had become friends (over foosball in the student union) and he asked if I wanted to join them […]

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Lord, Teach Us NOT to Pray

The Pope’s on the move. . . A New Saint (Serra) is on the way. . . Faith is on the march all over. . . along with Wars and refugees, fires and floods and suffering and death all around. . . There must be Something we can do! Millions close their eyes, fold their hands […]

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When Religion Can Work

Over 11,000 people have died from Ebola in West Africa.  In Sierra Leone, Muslims and Christians are working together to educate people. As I saw during my long experience as an Inter-religious Chaplain, interfaith cooperation can be a step in the right direction–toward an understanding that the common ground is our humanity, not religion. A […]

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Secular Without Hate

Some “seculars” are anti-faith, anti-religious.  I understand some of their anger, but I cannot stand with them in their continual fight against religion and people of faith.  So when I read that members of a mosque are afraid after vandalism and hate messages left in their books, I’m bothered, because I’m anti something. . .anti-fear […]

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Hiking in the Chapel

The Chaplain and his brother have been sauntering in the Secular Sanctuary of the Sierras. It’s an annual pilgrimage for what we used to call Heretics Anonymous. Simply a saunter into the Natural Temple. . .naturally. Bald Eagles welcomed us into the highlands. Essential R&R sabbatical for anyone in human (or nonhuman) service, I would say. Here […]

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