They Go Low, We Go High

  If anyone asks what a “Secular Chaplain” is or does. . .here’s one good explanation: A Secular Chaplain, like the Constitution, tips the hat to Religion (with due respect), but never bends the knee (with reverence). Put another way, this kind of open air/open mind worldview loves Nature, learns from Nature and saunters forward […]

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Final Score! Christ Beats Jesus!

Did you know there was a difference between “Christ” and “Jesus”?  Basic stuff in biblical studies through college and seminary. Took whole classes on:  “Christology” (we studied many -ologies. . .of course the most important was THEOlogy).  Sorry, no “Jesus-ology.”  Creeds are written all about Christ. “Christ” is a title (Greek for Messiah–the promised Hebrew […]

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Goodness in Godlessness

A short version of my story of emergence from faith has just been posted on The Clergy Project along with the stories of other former (and current) clergy. The much too long version is in my book, Life After Faith. The more of us who tell our honest stories of leaving religion, the more others […]

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Progress in the Religion of Church

I’m always pleased when Religion, specifically the Church Religion, takes a step forward, makes progress. . .moves, at all.  Honestly, though, it’s not so pleasing. . .I find it both humorous and sad. At the moment, we can congratulate the Rev. Libby Lane, the first woman ever named Bishop by the Anglican Church. Church of […]

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