“Reverend Atheist”

What?  Oh, of course! Rev. Atheist, like Rev. Humanist and Rev. Freethinker. Why Not? We hear a number of agitated faithful ask, “How can you be an Atheist/Humanist/Freethinker and be a Chaplain, or call yourself a Clergyperson?  You can’t DO that?” Here is my abbreviated reply: 1)  Actually, I can and I do. 2)  Though […]

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Secular Christmas

Reposted from Christmas Baby: I was born on December 25th and I became a minister because of that day and the lowly-lord of long ago who shared the birthday. As a church leader I assisted in many a Christmas Eve candlelight service.  As a chaplain, I led many a seasonal celebration with women and men who […]

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