New “Gospel” for Freethinkers!

My new book, A Freethinker’s Gospel, has just been published by Pisgah Press. A Freethinker’s Gospel is a collection of 53 essays drawn from my weekly “Highland Views” columns published on the Religion page (!) of the Asheville Citizen-Times.  The book is enhanced by a selection of my Nature photographs, primarily from the Blue Ridge […]

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The Blue, Gray and Green

We just made a short visit to Stone Mountain, Georgia.  It’s a beautiful park and an amazing rock.  Unfortunately, this huge mountain of stone has been defaced with a sandblasted carving of three famous traitors in American history:  Jefferson Davis, Robert Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson. The defacement began in 1923, during the segregationist Jim Crow […]

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Bad Apples of Faith

We learn as children that “one bad apple can ruin the bunch.” This is true for faith as well. It’s upsetting to see people who say they “Know God” making it their self-appointed mission to whine, pass legislation or even do violence to others.  One spoiled “religious nut” can spoil the whole bowl. . .or […]

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Prayer vs. Guns: Who Wins?

It’s clear that prayer is helpful to millions.  People feel comforted in the belief that Someone hears them and cares about them.  I would not try to take prayer away from those who need it. But I’m troubled about something, so, if you pray, maybe you can explain. Every time there’s a tragedy, for instance, […]

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