Free Poster for Post-Piety People

The National Secular Society is defending freethought and human rights in England as Freedom from Religion Foundation, Secular Coalition, Americans United, American Humanist Association, ACLU and many others are doing on this side of the piety pond. I thought this poster was a good one to post and pass along. It’s on my wall (of […]

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Signs and Wonders

The “Red Trees” (rhodo-dendron) are opening with splendor.  These shots are right out the door in late afternoon sun. The Blue Ridge is about to blow up in color. Heavenly.

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Spring on the Wing

I admit I’m a little rusty with my digital camera shots (using the iPhone too much, maybe).  But I couldn’t resist trying to frame this bright-feathered neighbor.  He and his mate are nesting close by, bringing lots of melodic singing, so I’m guessing we’ll have some little red Cardinals in a few months.

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By the Grace of God (oh please)

Tornadoes in Texas. A church crumbles. . .people are safe. . . Parishioners call it a miracle.  They say it was by God’s grace. And, to prove it, the statue of Mary survived untouched! Truly an act of God. But, Except, However. . . The tornadoes that passed through that area of Texas killed at […]

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What we Say, or What we Do?

A retired pastor I’ve known for many years wrote me in response to my weekly newspaper column.  He and I have our differences of beliefs, but our feelings and thoughts about social issues are very similar. I was humbled by the words he wrote: “Someone said, ‘Every Christian is called to proclaim the gospel, sometimes […]

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