Box of Color

On the walk today, this little feller was right in the middle of the road.  Color almost matched the center line.  After he posed (I’m told red eyes are male), I gently lifted his painted box to the bushes. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the vulnerability of innocent creatures, there is a moment of satisfaction […]

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Canyons of Clouds

I haven’t written a poem for awhile, but found this tucked into a book on my shelf.  I wrote it while flying up to WA state to preside at my uncle Warren’s memorial.  My aunt once said she speaks to him sometimes, looking across the Sound at the mountains. Milky, cottony canyons of clouds. Mountain […]

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Beyond Theology

I just went to a local university to hear a respected biblical teacher from a reputable seminary with her colleague, a well-respected preacher.  It was a room full of seminary grads and preachers.  It reminded me of long ago seminary professors whom I still respect but can’t “go there” with them any longer. A minister […]

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Deplorable Religion

This WA POST article on a small town church south of Montgomery, Alabama is troubling to say the least. Judgment Days Among people who actually celebrate being “deplorable” (obviously no one but Hillary ever looked up the word)–the faith perspective is almost frightening. Obama a Muslim.  He and Hillary sent by Satan.  Trump send by […]

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Independence of Mind

I’m not at all against celebrating the Fourth of July, if independence includes the freedom to choose what to believe or not believe, how to live, whom to love. If people are celebrating basic human rights including the right not to celebrate, the right to protest, the right to stand for the anthem and say […]

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The Blue, Gray and Green

We just made a short visit to Stone Mountain, Georgia.  It’s a beautiful park and an amazing rock.  Unfortunately, this huge mountain of stone has been defaced with a sandblasted carving of three famous traitors in American history:  Jefferson Davis, Robert Lee and “Stonewall” Jackson. The defacement began in 1923, during the segregationist Jim Crow […]

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