Harder to Talk about God?


Version 2
It can take time to learn new languages

I shook my head and smiled my way through this article (in the NYT) written by the son of a megachurch pastor, who complains that it’s just gotten so hard to talk about God these days.

Gosh golly.  A person moves away from the South, from Christian school and Christian culture where everyone talks about their (Christian) faith, and gets to the Big City and . . . lo and behold, people aren’t spending their days and nights discussing God (that is, the American Christian God).  And the City Sinners and Happy Heathens actually have the nerve to raise uncomfortable questions and ask for definitions!  Terrible.  Must be persecution?

A suggestion to this troubled gentleman:  it’s ok if it’s gotten more difficult to bring up your faith in conversations within the multi-belief pluralism of the Big World out here.  Perhaps it’s time for you to listen more, learn more, and maybe even practice your faith without the theo-language–if that’s even possible in our–sorry to blow your cover–our religion-saturated, God-talk-is-everywhere, culture.


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