How to Kill a Bear (for Dummies)

Am I alone in thinking there is some kind of epidemic in non-thinking (also called ignorance or dumbness)?

Humans can be dumber than the “dumb animals” sometimes.

Case in point:  an elderly lady in our area who was walking her dog late in the evening, chased off bear cubs (with her barking dog) from her neighbor’s garbage can.  Then (duh), the mother bear attacked, bit and clawed the lady until she got back inside her house.  The lady was hurt but survived.  She was the lucky one.

No surprise, the mother bear was “euthanized” and the cubs were “re-located.”

The story as I read it stated:  neighbors had put their garbage bin out the “night before” garbage pickup.

In our community we see bears all the time.  A mother and three cubs wander by quite often.  We keep our distance.  We never get between mother and cubs.  We do not put our garbage out (like neighbors in the photos) until just before the trucks come.

Want to kill some bears?  Who needs hunters.

Humans. . .Garbage. . .Dumb!




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