What Happens Between Birth and Death?

What’s above us?  What’s below us?  Where does that leave us?  Here?

Sounds like the all-time dumbest question.  And yet. . .

I’ve been thinking a bit more about those who seem completely obsessed with what happens to us before birth and after death.

Now, mind you, I wouldn’t even be thinking more about this except these folks keep doing their damnedest to push, pull and squeeze the rest of the world into their narrow mindset.  This gets serious when LAWS are passed to force everyone to live by one group’s “cherished beliefs.”

Often times, these are the very same folks who don’t give a dang about equality, fairness and compassion for anyone but themselves.  Just ask them about people trying to come to “God’s country” or racial justice or the death penalty or LGBTQ rights.

This is more than a simple matter of the “culture wars” with abortion (that is, women’s health) or euthanasia (that is, the right for suffering people to choose when and how to die).

This could turn into a longer essay, and maybe it will before long, but here I’ll leave it as a question:

Who can really say what the Before Life and After Life is, or means, for anyone?

As the biblical Hebrews once had to decide, I think I’ll “choose life.”  They were no longer in Egypt and not yet in the “promised land.”  So, what do you do?  You choose life.

I’m good with that.


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