United States of Almighty

We might need some fresh air and higher perspectives after this. . .

We’re beginning to see what a Christian Country would look like.

If you’ve ever asked yourself what a Nation Under God really is, be awake and alert to what’s happening from the Whiter-than-ever White House to legislatures across the land.

What would Jesus’ own America look like?

Start here:

VP Pence just spoke before 10,000 pastors at the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, proclaiming:

“This is a pivotal year in the life of our nation.”

“Be assured of this, President Trump and I are going to continue to fight for what we know is right.”

“This progress,” Mr. Pence said, “is the result of the support of men and women like so many of you, who supported our president not only in 2016 but every day since.”

Vice Pence has addressed gatherings of:

The Faith and Freedom Coalition

The March for Life (twice)

National Prayer Breakfast

National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast (next week)

For now, I only have one major question:

When the Presidency, Congress, the Supreme Court, Legislatures, School Boards and the Media are all controlled by Evangelical Christians. . .will we see the kind of love and unity evidenced by the history of the People of God?

I wonder.

After posting this I opened my emails.  Seriously, this came from the White House today!

“What a Nation of Faith Looks Like”

Vice President Mike Pence addressed the Convention yesterday. “You know, the President likes to say, in his words, that we’re a Nation of faith,” the Vice President said. “The truth is, Southern Baptists have always worked to bring about renewal of America, and new beginnings. And as I stand before you today, I believe that our Nation is in the midst of a time of renewal.”

The real source of America’s greatness, he reiterated, is in the work of its people. “The truth is no podium that President Trump and I will ever stand behind will be of greater consequence than the pulpits you stand behind every Sunday morning. No policy we enact will ever be more meaningful than the ministries you lead. And no action we take will ever be more powerful than your prayers.”






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