What Religious Freedom Really Looks Like

We read of

Lesbian-Free adoption agencies

Gay-Free bakeries

Muslim-Free gun ranges

“In God We Trust” in every public school (just passed in my State House)

“Get God, Prayer and the Bible back in school”

The list goes on and on. . .

Is this what “Religious Freedom” looks like?

(not-so-side note:  What does a “Christian Nation” look like?  Apparently some think having our current Fox-in-Chief is a good start. . .think about that. . .maybe not)

Where is this all leading?

I suggest it’s leading us Backward to

Whites Only

Male Only

People of My Faith Only

with the should-be-expected backlash:

Bigot-Free Zone

White-dominance-Free Zone

Christian Privilege-Free Zone

and on and on.

The Question:

Is this how we “Be Best”?

Is this what an “America First” mentality offers the world?

Can we do better?

Can we finally learn what “Freedom” means (not just MY Freedom but OURS)?






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