Something to Ponder

Muir-1902-Kern Canyon-Helen Jones

Reading more from John Muir before teaching my class today, this thought sauntered into my mind:

We can’t BELIEVE what we SEE sometimes. . .

So we tend to SEE what we BELIEVE.

I read that to the class as a point to ponder, inspired by Muir’s interest in seeing Nature and the natural world first, with or without beliefs.

For Muir, Nature was both a classroom and a cathedral/synagogue/mosque/temple/place to ponder. . .

Faith is fine, if it doesn’t cause you to see only what you believe.

Some things are “too beautiful for words”–evoking awe and wonder.  It’s hard to believe what is right before our eyes.

It doesn’t help to use made-up words to describe the scene (of great beauty or great horror), to see what we believe as the center, as true, speaking other words from other minds.

(This is one reason I think “spirituality” can be the greatest distraction from seeing, sensing, just what is there, present)

Best perhaps to simply see. . .and appreciate, wonder, or help if needed, rather than be distracted by beliefs.

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?


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