Secular in the Pew (Easter)

From the dead tree inside to the living trees outside

While I was attending an Easter service with my wife (she was the guest minister), gazing at the dead branches of an empty cross, wishing I could see out through the stained-glass to the spring green. . .

my short essay on The Story was published on Rational Doubt (The Clergy Project):

The Greatest Story Not Yet Told



2 thoughts on “Secular in the Pew (Easter)

  1. I enjoyed this article so much! While recovering from religion’s effects I am sometimes too quick to dismiss everything about Jesus. It is interesting to think about the story told through rational eyes, without all the kooky stuff. I wish it had been told that way, it would have been a story worthy of a documentary or two, not an entire way of life. Could have saved a lot of heartache and more than a few deaths.

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