You Have to See This to (Not) Believe It

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(In response to all the recent storms we’ve seen, I’ve added Foundation Beyond Belief to my Amazon Smile page—a small way to donate regularly.  It’s good to see all the great work by Humanists responding to human disasters)

Maybe our “nature” is to believe. . .yet Nature is not about “believing” but seeing, using our senses, including our sense of reason, to explore with curiosity, to discover in order to understand—or admit we don’t understand and ask more questions, working toward solutions, if there are any.

The power of Nature has been seen in the last few weeks with disastrous results in Houston, the Caribbean, Florida, Mexico, Bangladesh. . .and, of course, in other parts of the world.  It’s hard to see that, but not hard to believe it—the kind of “belief” based on knowledge, that knows the immense destructive energy in Nature.  It makes humans look like. . .well, like the fragile little insects we are on this vast globe in the expanse of space.

Nature can destroy and kill, but at the same time the hurricanes and earthquakes and floods were wiping away whole towns, humans were causing immense destruction too.  Consider the endless cycle of wars.  Think of the refugees, from Syria, from Myanmar.

Nature is wonderful. . .and a force we resist to our peril.  Amazing.  Beautiful.  Awesome. And can wipe us out without a thought, without a care, because it doesn’t care.  We are the ones who need to care, for others and the planet.  Not by “harnassing” the power of Nature (as if it works for us) but by working with it, with each other, to think rather than believe, to respect rather than worship, to stand in silence before the greatness of our world instead of speaking with longing for another world.  This is all we have.  All we can see.

I think (not believe) we can do more, do better, with humanistic vision and action.


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