The Big Green Box


The Big Green Box (graphic)

I’m not sure, but this handy little graphic may assist conversations with Supernaturalists.    The Big Green Box is the Universe, Nature, Everything, the ALL.

Some say there is “God” or “Spirit” or Something OUTSIDE the Big Green Box (Creator/Creation view–dualistic).

Others say that “God” or “Spirit” is embedded, permeating the Box (Pantheistic view).

Yet others say it’s All Spirit. . .have no idea what to call that (Radical Idealism?).

Green Folks (Nontheists) simply say it’s a Big Green (wonderful, beautiful) Box. . .or Blob or Ocean of Space or Tree of Existence, Endless, Eternal Is-ness.

I prefer to call it. . .if IT needs a Name. . .NATURE (just my preference, not my “belief”).

What’s your view of the Big Green Box?


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