Nature’s Procession


Naturalist John Burroughs wrote,

“The student and lover of Nature has only to stay at home and see the procession pass.”

~Signs and Seasons (1904)

As I was making my list of the Procession passing my door this morning, my wife called me out to see a new neighbor:  the box turtle.  S/he posed nicely for the photoshoot and now joins the growing list of wild things passing by and living nearby:

Rabbits; squirrels; chipmunks; rat snakes; blue-tail skinks; varieties of beetles and butterflies; lightning bugs; cardinals; mimic birds (mocking); Carolina wrens; finches; nuthatches; titmouse; hummers; peckers; jays; crows; hawks; wild turkeys (huge); black bear. . .and turtles.

How much more wildlife makes a home near to us and we never notice?

Burroughs urges us to keep a sharp lookout:

“Nature is a great traveler, but she never gets away from home. . .and her course is without direction, and without beginning or end. . . .  All her roads are roads to everywhere.”

~Accepting the Universe (1920)


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