Sacred Playgrounds and Supreme Nonsense

Russian River 05 030
Time for Reflection

The Supreme Court heard this case of a Missouri church demanding its “religious freedom” for playground rubber.  Yes, welcome to America.

I’ve been waiting for the Voice of Reason (never booming from the sky) to hold up the Big Mirror of Truth (always revealing as it is) to expose the hypocrisy of these folks.

Now, via the New York Times, we have the Reality Check all the “Religious Liberty” preachers can take to the bank:

“For this reason, state and federal laws treat religious organizations, particularly houses of worship, differently — and often favorably. Trinity Lutheran may not like being prohibited from getting public funds to upgrade its playground, but surely it has no problem with, say, receiving special tax exemptions.

In recent years, however, a push from religious advocates, primarily Christian, has distorted the idea of “religious freedom” to apply in any situation in which they think their beliefs should trump everyone else’s interests.”

Special treatment.  Exclusive rights.  Exceptionally chosen.  We have the Majority and the Power but we’re Persecuted. . .

See the pattern here?

Somehow, someway, Fairness and Equality and holding up the Mirror of Truth, is so often missing from American Christ-and-Me-anity.

We can be very grateful for those who speak with Reason and polish up that Mirror.


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