The Gospel of John (Muir)

Muir-1902-Kern Canyon-Helen Jones

Speaking at a local UU congregation this last Sunday (yes, a “secular sermon” on Easter!), I read this as our “scripture” from “The Gospel of John. . .Muir” (My First Summer in the Sierra, 1911).  To honor Johnny’s birthday this week (April 21), here’s his reflection on a strange experience he had in the mountains and how some would call it “supernatural.”

“Now I’m back at the camp-fire, and cannot help thinking about my recognition of my friend’s presence in the valley while he was four or five miles away, and while I had no means of knowing that he was not thousands of miles away. It seems supernatural, but only because it is not understood. Anyhow, it seems silly to make so much of it, while the natural and common is more truly marvelous and mysterious than the so-called supernatural. Indeed most of the miracles we hear of are infinitely less wonderful than the commonest of natural phenomena, when fairly seen.”


5 thoughts on “The Gospel of John (Muir)

  1. And to add to the beauty of coincidence, that is the exact same quote that I chose to read on our John Muir birthday hike. It’s nice to be on the same wave length. Whatever that means, or doesn’t mean.

  2. I’ve enjoyed a few of your posts. Good to find some non-religious people sometimes. My dedication to non-religious thinking deepens every day. SO much easier to live this way.

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