Religious Freedom. . .for Whom?

Synagogue welcomes Syrians (choked up reading this to my wife this morning)


2 thoughts on “Religious Freedom. . .for Whom?

  1. Thank you very much for this. Another sidelight —

    “Synagogue where Trump’s grandchild goes to preschool condemns travel ban”
    Adas Israel Congregation, the Conservative synagogue in Washington's Cleveland Park neighborhood where Trump and Kushner send one of their three young children to preschool, issued a statement Sunday evening condemning the President's controversial executive order…. 'Our religious tradition repeatedly forbids us from oppressing the stranger,' that statement reads. 'We call on the US government to reject policy proposals that would halt, limit or curtail refugee resettlement in the US or prioritize certain refugees over others; and urge President Trump and the US Congress to instead take bold leadership by providing robust funding to support refugees around the world as well as provide necessary resources to refugees who are already resettled in the US.' "

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