Wish this was Fake News


Well, it IS fake news, but it’s just too real to ignore.

Terrible Un-American Atheists Make Small Town Get Rid of Cross Honoring Soldiers!  (not the real title of the article, but the real message)

The Mayor says, “It’s another attack on small town America — our freedoms.”

Veterans (at least Christian veterans) are now “guarding the cross” and townsfolk are sticking crosses all over town.

Good for them.  But, sad for them.

We see this over and over again in communities across the nation who have forgotten what the soldiers have fought and died for:  Freedom from political OR religious tyranny.

And, it’s very disappointing.

Here’s the breakdown. . .

-a town wants to honor those who have served their country (fine and good)

-the town erects a monument, on public land, to honor their soldiers (fine and good)

-the monument is a Christian cross (mistake)

Maybe people are well-meaning.  Maybe they just didn’t think that not ALL of those service members were Christian.  Maybe they really think that a Christian cross honors Everyone.  Maybe.  Or, they simply don’t care (watch the reactions).

Is this a big deal?

Think about it.  What if YOUR family member died.  And what if your family member was not a Christian.  Would you feel “honored” to have a town put up a Christian symbol for them?

And, would you support a Muslim community placing a soldier kneeling to a crescent moon on public land that is maintained by taxpayers like you?

When people assume that everyone is Christian and that a Cross is just a “tradition” and a “symbol” of death or sacrifice, they overlook some important things:

-Not all people are Christians (and even if there’s a Christian majority, “public” means every citizen, not just one dominant religion)

-There is a “Separation of Church and State” in this free country for a reason (this protects us all, and yes, those despised Atheists and their supporters are speaking up for everyone, including you and me)

-What ever happened to “Treat others as you want to be treated”?

FAUX News makes this all about Atheists attacking a small town and that the city had to “get rid of” the cross (we can bet it’s on someone’s lawn down the street–which is, of course, just fine, and legal).

Reasonable, thoughtful people (also called the “politically correct”) will see right through this fake outrage and yet another Claim for Christian Privilege.

Think of others, not just yourself.

Keep that in mind when even our highest leaders demand “(Christian) America First.”


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