Conversion, Deconversion, Reconversion

Permanent sun, impermanent icicle

Since we are now apparently living in a Theocracy where the Almighty–specifically Jesus– and the prayers of millions have anointed a Great Leader to make the country and the world Great again, where the inauguration ceremonies made it clear America is indeed an Evangelical nation, where we are finally able to admit there is no “wall of separation” between church and state (Jefferson was an infidel anyway). . .the following thought may be helpful.


Conversion:  accepting the only real God–Jesus–in his American incarnation

Deconversion:  making a conscious and courageous choice to leave the dominant faith

Reconversion:  to return to our natural state of reason and ethical responsibility, releasing the distraction of super-natural beliefs, re-discovering the innate goodness of human life

What icicles are melting? 


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