Reasons People Choose Atheism

Choosing a Path

A religion teacher at Cal Irvine compiled a remarkable list of reasons that people in history have decided to choose non-theism.  It’s worth a scan down the list.

Little Things Can Make an Atheist

A few of my favorites:

“Jesus as a ‘son of God’ is just as suspect as all other ancient ‘sons of God’ whose mothers were impregnated by a God. This was common in the era Christianity arose in, and Christianity simply adopted the god-man motif.”

“If Jesus’s purpose was ‘to die’ for humanity, it would have made no difference how he died. He could have died of smallpox or a fever or from slipping on ice.”

“Since most people who ever lived have never been Christians, most people are going to hell—and thus the devil wins the cosmic battle.”

“The heavenly Father is like an earthy father who continually watches over his toddler children and allows them to handle sharp knives and then blames them and not himself when they cut themselves and each other.”

“Theists have fought fellow theists to the death for thousands of years. And yet it is inconceivable that an army of chemists should kill botanists, or that astronomers should kill geologists.”

What bothers me the most sometimes is that billions in our world are never told that there are other choices, other paths, they can freely choose.


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