Merry Annual Celebration of Christ(ian Privilege)!


Some people are really mad again.  Welcome to the Merry Season of Peace!

Oh well, here we go again with the fisticuffs over Christmas.  Aren’t we just so tired of this stuff?  I’d bet the Bethlehem Baby would be vacationing in Syria about now (something to think about).

It seems that some believe they’re Not Allowed to say “Merry Christmas” anymore.  They don’t get to see “Merry Christmas” plastered all over Walmart and LBJ (Little Baby Jesus) isn’t swaddled at every courthouse and public school.  Outrage!

What these irritable folks are really mad about is that We Aren’t a Christian Country (anymore. . .or so they say).  You know, back in those golden days of slave-holding, native american-slaughtering and women-can’t-vote times.  Yes, we sure miss those Christian America Days.

We need a Savior. . .

Oh good, here he comes now!

Our self-proclaimed Christian-in-Chief, just before he gets the chance to open the White House Casino, claims he’s going to make Christmas Great Again.

Hey, Believe Him! (why?  because he says so).

In Michigan, Mr. Trumpery was unhappy he didn’t see “Merry Christmas” in stores, so he proclaimed,

“They’re going to start putting up ‘Merry Christmas,'” he pledged.

Remember what he said at Un-Liberty University back in January:
“When was the last time you saw “Merry Christmas?”  You don’t see it anymore. They want to be politically correct. If I’m president, you will see “Merry Christmas” in department stores, believe me, believe me.”

Here’s what’s always irked me about this fake outrage.  No one. . .no one, says you can’t say “Merry Christmas” to anyone.  That’s plain and simple nonsense.  And, if you want your special holiday advertisement in public space, you’ll have to make equal room for other holidays and other community messages.  Isn’t fairness a virtue of faith?  Well, at least we can be grateful it’s an American Value.

The Annual “Celebration” of Christian Privilege.

A great time to avoid the Religious Correctness and take a walk in the woods!


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