Not all conservatives read this or believe this. . .but too many do. So much for the poor baby of bethlehem.

I strongly suggest you to take a walk in the forest or just get some fresh air after reading this article from Friendly Atheist on Christian Pastors praying with members of Congress.

I’m not an alarmist.  This stuff has been going on for years (think Congressional Prayer Caucus).  But I have an awful feeling in my gut that America has taken a big step toward theocracy, though that is directly opposed to what the Founders intended with our Secular Government.

Religious Right leaders think they now have their chance, an open door to the halls of power, a free invitation to carry out their delusional mission to Make America Christian Again (and of course it never was and never will be).

Sane Seculars and Rational Religious folk don’t see the Messiah-Elect and his Cabinet of Deplorables as much more than a gang of prosperity preachers on their knees before the God and Gospel of Privilege.

Prayer isn’t going to help.  The Bible isn’t going to help.  Reasonable human beings working together is the only way to face this down and do something right and good.

Don’t forget to get some air. . .and energize.  We’re going to need it.

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