Sure seems this way sometimes

My wife and I are on (self-financed) sabbaticals and living on some savings while we re-settle in a beautiful area of a great state.

We’ve applied for health insurance under the ACA marketplace.  Even with master’s degrees and years of experience with bureaucracies, and even after getting some help from a non-profit agency, we are finding it quite challenging to secure basic health coverage.  A very frustrating process!

Do we blame Obama?  Absolutely not.  If the Elephant in the Room would have actually worked with the President to make ACA work for everyone, I have no doubt the system would be in much better shape.

There are definitely big problems with this process.  No argument.

And blaming isn’t doing any good, but it is instructive to have first-hand experience with the problems.

How about an example.

Here is the response to our health insurance marketplace application:

“Based on the information provided, you would be eligible for free or low cost health care through North Carolina Medicaid. However, the state of NC has chosen not to offer you this health coverage at this time. You won’t owe a fee for not having health coverage.”

A nice way of saying, “Hey, sorry, hope you don’t get sick because that would be your problem.”

We actually did find a plan that’s pretty cheap, but we have to re-submit information again in only 3 months.

I think this message needs to get out to those who hate the ACA. Maybe you can figure out who is really getting in the way of universal healthcare.

That’s a BIG Elephant.


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