Jesus Meets John Muir

Good Reading for a Wild Season

Not so long ago, in a land not so far away (actually on an island in the Pacific Northwest), I wrote a little novel–call it a novella–that to my knowledge has been read by one person.  He used to work for a publishing company and said he very much liked the book.  So, there’s your one review. . .a five-star review. . .from one person!

Oh, I just remembered that a Catholic nun read it too.  She was nice enough to say, “many passages are pure poetry.”  If that helps you decide to order a copy, Nones Bless the Nuns!

The book has a rather stunning (or perhaps dull) title:

Jesus and John Muir:  A Wilderness Novel  

Imagine a young, rebellious, perhaps atheist Palestinian scruff who runs off into the hills of Judea fed-up with the politics, the religion and the poverty.

Now, imagine this millenial (from a couple of millenia past) bumps into a wild man in those mountains, and the wild man’s name is Johnny, and Johnny is an adventurer who blew in from a misty isle of the Celts and has a little bitta wisdom to pass along to the angry young man.

If this teaser tickles your imagination a wee bit, please consider ordering a copy of this book.  Here’s the thing:  you might not really like the book, but you can put in on your shelf to look at and laugh at from time to time.  A novella novelty, you might say.

And, just remember:  you’ll have the added pleasure of knowing you contributed a few dollars to the Secular Chaplain.

From my perspective, it’s a win-win!

Thank You!

(added bonus:  this book has a few of my black and white photos from my trips to Scotland slipped in to the wild story.  This is self-published, so don’t expect National Geographic)

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