God’s Books: Free, while supplies last!

Blank book isolated on white background.
Wait ’til you see what God Says!

Just in time for the Holidays!

God’s Self-Published Books

They make the Perfect Gift for the Non-Reader in your family or congregation.

No need to go up on a mountaintop, into a desert, forest or cave. . .

No need for Mystics, Prophets, Saviors or Saints. . .

Direct to YOU from You Know Who! 

Order Now from your favorite book source (or FREE from this website)

(Available on PageFlame, AngelTrumpet and ThinkAboutIt!)

Selected Reviews:


“Better than all the so-called scriptures ever written!”

“I never thought it would be so EASY to read!”

“If you never read another book, this is the ONE to read!”

“I can’t wait for the Author’s Next Book!”

“!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*************” (editor:  we apologize–there was not enough space on this blog for the exclamations and stars in this review)

Happy Reading!



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