The Nature Party


No matter who our “leaders” are, who promise a brighter day, there is always Nature, and Nature doesn’t have to promise because it doesn’t care about you or me, Democrat or Republican, America or the World, the Earth or any other planet. . .

Nature is just Nature, and it’s all we need, all we have.

Join the Nature Party!

No, actually, you don’t have to.

We’re all members already.

The Nature Party “Platform”:

-Nature is Enough (no need for a Super-Nature)

-Reason governs (legislate common sense. . .if you can)

-Goodness is enough (ethics)

-Natural Rights are the basis of any constitution

-Live by the Declaration of Inter-dependence

-The environment is our home (don’t trash it; take care of it)

-Nature has no borders. . .neither do we

(this platform–the ground beneath our feet–is still being built. . .that is, grown)

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