Ashes, Ashes. . .More Dark Agey Instruction from God’s Only Church


In his infinite wisdom, the generally likeable Pope Francis just approved new guidelines (commands from You Know Who) on cremation.  Wait for it. . .

The new document from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith repeats that burial remains preferred, with officials calling cremation a “brutal destruction” of the body. But it lays out guidelines for conserving ashes for the increasing numbers of Catholics who choose cremation for economic, ecological or other reasons.
It said it was doing so to counter what it called “new ideas contrary to the church’s faith” that had emerged since 1963, including New Age-y ideas that death is a “fusion” with Mother Nature and the universe, or the “definitive liberation” from the prison of the body.
To set the faithful straight, the Vatican said ashes and bone fragments cannot be kept at home, since that would deprive the Christian community as a whole of remembering the dead. Rather, church authorities should designate a sacred place, such as a cemetery or church area, to hold them. . .
The document said remains cannot be divided among family members or put in lockets or other mementos. Nor can the ashes be scattered in the air, land or sea since doing so would give the appearance of “pantheism, naturalism or nihilism,” the guidelines said.
It repeated church teaching that Catholics who choose to be cremated for reasonscontrary to the Christian faith must be denied a Christian funeral.
The new instruction carries an Aug. 15 date and says Pope Francis approved it March 18.  SF Chronicle

Yes, giving the human body back to the sinful, unholy, unchristian Earth is “new agey” and pantheistic.  The only “sacred places” are officially approved by God’s Own Church.

Isn’t that a bit old and odd?  But seriously folks, this is really about control, and who owns a person’s body, and mind.  I hope (and assume) many Catholics will simply ignore this Dark Agey command from on high.  Those of us who are not Catholic, or Christian, will continue to choose what makes sense to us, and our loved ones, when it comes to what to do with our bodies and minds. . .while living free of “Church/Divine Authority” on either side of the grave.

{suggestion for Pope and Friends:  read Walt Whitman’s “This Compost” for a little enlightenment}


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