“We are Blessed”

Here we go again. . .and again. . .as predictable as wind in a hurricane. . .

Thanks to God for protecting US. . .and hit the beach.

If you can’t see the awfulness of Gov. Scott’s words below, contact me and I’ll explain:

Hundreds were left dead in Matthew’s wake in Haiti.
But in many places along the Southeast coast, the damage consisted mostly of flooded streets, blown-down signs and awnings, flattened trees and power outages.
As the storm passed and the skies cleared, many people were already cleaning up, reopening their businesses or hitting the beach. The power started coming back on. And all three major theme parks in Orlando, Florida, including Walt Disney World, were up and running.

After killing hundreds of people in Haiti, Hurricane Matthew has been sweeping up America’s Atlantic coast. Winds of nearly 200 kilometres an hour were recorded – but the storm did not make landfall in Florida. . . Officials said at least four people had died in Florida – a fraction of the heavy death toll in Haiti.

“We are all blessed that Matthew stayed off our coast,” Florida Gov. Rick Scott said. “We are blessed that we didn’t have a direct hit.”

{I can’t help myself.  Listen close; read between the lines.  “God has blessed us. . .what a wonderful God!. . .and, gee gosh, I guess God doesn’t really like them Haitians much.  After all, they ain’t Americans and they ain’t White.”  Of course, the Gov. didn’t really mean THAT now, did he?  The problem is, this has become one of the creeds of the New American Religion with it’s “Exceptional” American God. . .God bless it.}

And we can be especially thankful that Disney World is open again.  Praise Be for THAT Blessing!

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