Hillary for Prison. . .(a former Jail Chaplain Speaks)


We saw an expensive car in the Walmart parking lot today (I know, that does seem strange and, fyi, we don’t usually do Walmart).  It had two bummerstickers [sic]; one said “Fire Obama” and the other said, “Hillary for Prison” with a pretty ‘Merican flag.  I guess they’re Patriots.  I wonder if they’re Repubs?

Then it hit me. . .No, not the car!  An idea for a sticker with a bit deeper message.

If and when Hillary Clinton goes to prison, I have some hints for her.

Let me explain.

I served as a Chaplain for most of my career.  For ten years of my ministry, I was the first interfaith jail chaplain inside our county facilities where I led up to seven services each week for women and men, maximum and minimum security.  I got to know the system a little, especially the people–the human beings–on both sides of the bars (back when there actually were BARS).  I learned the great value of a chaplaincy, especially one where “presence” and listening were much more important than preaching and proselytizing.  Alongside some wonderful volunteers, we operated the Jail Visitor Center assisting family and friends through the intimidating process of entering a dark building with slamming steel doors and scary looking people–some with uniforms.

After ten years, I walked out the doors and became the chaplain outdoors, on the streets, where I saw many of the same people from the jail who ended up losing everything, sometimes their minds.  For some, the jail was just about their only “home”–certainly the biggest “shelter” in town.  My education and my “presence” work continued.

Now, today, I see these bumper stickers and signs that say, “Hillary for Prison.”  I know what that means, and it seems very irrational from my perspective, and actually quite UN-American, especially knowing that in America people are supposed to be Innocent until PROVEN guilty.

So, a brainsticker [sic] stuck on my mind.  I came up with this variation that would encourage Hillary to DO something while she’s there, just as I did.

Hillary For Prison. . . 

Maybe it’s time for more of us to Go to Prison (or jail, or a homeless shelter).

Visit. . .Listen. . .Learn.

You never know who you’ll find in there.


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