Instead of “Thoughts and Prayers”

View from Chimney Rock, NC

Divisive Debates, Disasters, Destruction, Disrespect. . .Shootings and bombings every day. . .Irrational Nonsense all over. . .

Back in my Faith Days I’d be a-prayin’ and a stayin’ on the faithful path, head buried in my Babble.  Nothing would change, of course, but I could assure myself that My Friend was protecting me and my loved ones from all the devilish (and secular) Bad Stuff (aka, Evil).

Now that the World, with it’s great Bad and great Beauty, is the real open book, the genuine scripture. . .what can we do?  What’s better than “Thoughts and Prayers” ? (had a good laugh at this).

I’m not sure what to do sometimes or how to stay hopeful, but I do know that a good bit of honesty, common sense, reality, and trying to help when I can seems best.  And, a daily dose of Nature helps.  Here’s my Daily Dose:

Smoky Mts Sunset





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