Fibbin’ for Faith (Lyin’ for the Lord)

Lies are like dead leaves lying

Trumpence (the T-P ticket) rolled through town again with more trumpery.  This time is was the two-Pence.  He was speaking to a convention of homeschoolers and their parents (sponsored by the Homeschool Legal Defence Association:  “a nonprofit ministry to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms.”).

So, what family and faith values is the TP ticket preaching?

“Trump is a man of faith in God and faith in the American people” while Hillary is “the most dishonest candidate ever.”  (he apparently hasn’t paid attention to the fact-checkers and ignores the fact that repeating “crooked Hillary” over and over hasn’t proven she’s guilty of anything.

A Trumpence administration would repeal the Johnson Amendment prohibiting pulpiteering for politicians so “We will free up the voice of faith in America once again.” (this makes no sense; people of faith speak out all the time, and many pastors ignore the rules and preach for “God’s candidate” all the time; by the way, would they support imams, priests, rabbis, gurus and tax-free non-profit organizations taking up partisan politicking?).

“Pro-life Americans should not be required to see their tax dollars used to fund [abortion].”  (Whoops!  Another Lie for the Lord.  It is already the law of the land that tax dollars do not fund abortion).

So, what kind of education are all the homeschoolers getting?  I know a few homeschoolers, so I know that some is very good (though exclusively Christian).  Maybe a little is passable as “education.”  And some is plain faith-based, fear-based Lying for the Lord.




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