Is there One Way to God. . .or Anything?

Trail we found today in the Blue Ridge Mts. with a canopy of branches and vines

I have a pointer I use in class presentations sometimes.  It has one finger (no, not the middle one) pointing up.  It’s useful.  Yet it reminds me of the “One Way” stickers we used to stick all over our cars and bibles and schools and. . .anywhere!  To “spread the good news” that:  Jesus is the ONE WAY, the ONLY WAY. . .to God, to Salvation, to Life, to Happiness, to Everything.

Makes me cringe a little, and sigh over my youthful passion and ignorance.

Well. . .now, all these years later, I really enjoy finding new paths, new trails, new places to explore and wonder and experience the joys and delights and wonders of this beautiful world.

If anyone tells me there is “one way” to go, to see, to think, to live. . .I tell them, “Nah, that’s ok, I think I’ll keep an open mind to discover all the trails out there.”

There’s always more than one way. . .


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