What is that Light?

Sand, Sun, Sea on the Sound

I had to comment on this WA POST article

“I Lost My Faith In God.  Then I Found It.  Now It’s Complicated”

The author says he became an atheist. . .yet seems not to understand non-believers very well. As a former minister and chaplain I would say he had a “crisis of faith” and then had a natural experience of wonder (who doesn’t have wonderful moments in Nature?) and found his (Christian) faith again. A story we’ve heard many times. But to claim this as proof of the superiority of the spiritual over the secular isn’t convincing. Many of us didn’t leave faith due to a family crisis but due to seeing a different light: the Light of Reason.

“Testimonies” are as old as Religion.  “I saw a light. . .No, I saw THE Light.”

In our culture that “Light” is always “The Light of the World”. . .the one and only, of course (in other cultures it might be the Light of Krishna or Buddha or Allah’s Angel).

I wonder why the Wonder isn’t enough. . .Why isn’t the Natural Beauty good enough?

Can’t we ALL sense that “connection” in Nature, whether we have faith or not?

After all, maybe the Sun is simply the Sun.

As my WAPO comment says, some of us found a new light:  the Light of Reason.

(maybe it’s the Sun in my eyes)


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