Beauty and Beasts


These are truly some beautiful images of this year’s Eid al-Adha Festival at the end of the Hajj pilgrimage:

Eid celebrations around the world (Aljazeera)

We can appreciate the cultures, the sense of community, the smiles.

One gift of Religion is the potential for unity, cooperation and better understanding.

Unfortunately, we’re also reminded that Eid is the “Festival of Sacrifice.”

Thousands of animals slaughtered–camels, goats, cows, lambs–(to honor Abraham’s sacrifice of a sheep instead of his son Ishmael).

Thousands of gallons of innocent blood shed for. . .God.

To be fair, much of the meat is given to the poor (I’m sure the animals appreciate that).

But it’s not the World’s Largest Animal Sacrifice:  that’s the annual Gadhimai Mela Festival of the Hindus when nearly 500,000 animals die for. . .God.

Religion is such a strange mixture of beauty and blood. . .service (living for Life) and sacrifice (dying for “Life”).

As for biblical religion (Jews, Christians, Muslims), I’ve always wondered about the beauty mingled with brutality.

Why does God enjoy the shedding of blood. . .over and over and over?


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