Standing Rock: One (Native) Nation Under-Oil?


Apart from Slavery, the denial of rights to Women, African and Asian Americans and other injustices, the broken treaties treatment of Native American Nations is a large, indelible stain on the history of America.

Now, every person of conscience should be aware of what is happening in North Dakota at this moment.  Tribes from across the continent standing together with the Standing Rock Sioux to stop the insanity of running an oil pipeline under the Missouri River!

This is a clear issue of religious freedom as well as protecting the land and water.

“This pipeline is going through huge swaths of ancestral land,” said Dean DePountis, the tribe’s lawyer. “It would be like constructing a pipeline through Arlington Cemetery or under St. Patrick’s Cathedral.”

“Water is what we’re made of,” said Burns, the elder from California. “We’re supposed to be the protectors of the land and water. My god, they took everything away from us. And now they want to take our water, too?”

With extended family in North Dakota, I’ve been watching the “Oil Boom” go bust and mess up towns and the environment.  Now, this!  Dakota Access wants to pump 500,000 barrels of oil Per Day under a major river.  The ghost of Custer invades again and again.

Watch this moment closely.  Those of us born in America but not “Native” have much more to learn from the Nations within the Nation.

I wonder where the “Defenders of Religious Freedom” are?  Quick to show up if a Bible club isn’t treated with privilege in a public school, would “Christian protection” groups like Alliance Defending Freedom ever stand up for Native Rights (or the Rights and Freedoms of ANY non-Christian group)?



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