Secular Pilgrimage

Seneca Falls, NY

One of my best late summer “hikes”:  The Freethought Trail in New York State.  From the Hudson River to the Finger Lakes, we visited the homes of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Robert Green Ingersoll, Harriet Tubman, John Burroughs and even Eleanor Roosevelt.  We saw places where Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, Ernestine Rose and others stood for freedom of conscience and human rights.  I highly recommend the journey. . .for me it was really a Secular Pilgrimage.

More photos from the Via de la Heretics:

Dresden, NY
Harriet Tubman home, Auburn, NY
Wesleyan Chapel, First Women’s Rights Convention, 1848 (Seneca Falls)
“Slabsides”–John Burroughs’ cabin, West Park, NY
Eleanor Roosevelt’s Cottage, Hyde Park, NY
Buzzing Pollination of Freethought, Val Kill (Eleanor Roosevelt’s home), Hyde Park, NY

“I could not help but think of what an obligation their example puts on the rest of us.”

~Eleanor Roosevelt, My Day (March, 1936), after meeting Helen Keller




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