Nature. . .or Nature’s God?

The creative and destructive power of Nature

Terrible tragedy in Louisiana.  Historic floods.  Thousands displaced.  Awful human tragedy.

Disasters can bring people of all kinds together. . .and, sometimes not.

For example, take this story of Tony Perkins, President of the extremist Family Research Council.

The house of a man who has claimed natural disasters were sent by God as a message to punish members of the LGBT community has been flooded by 10-foot waters in Louisiana during the worst natural disaster since 2012.
Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council lobbying organization, told guest host Ken Klukowski on his Watch Washington Live podcast Aug. 8 his family had to vacate their house by canoe due to flooding.
“This is a flood of, I would have to say, biblical proportions,” Perkins said, adding water flooded his family’s house and cars. “We had about 10 feet of water at the end of our driveway.”

[Perkins said], “Is God trying to sending us a message?”

Nature is no “respecter of persons.”

Maybe there’s a “message” in this. . .

But probably NOT what Mr. Perkins would care to consider.



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