Lie for a Lie, Truth for a Truth

Winternature 05 068
Believe My Bubbles?

I was raised to tell the truth. . .and if I didn’t, or I “sassed back” at my mom, I’d get my mouth washed out with soap!  Thankfully, that didn’t happen much.  I learned my lesson pretty early and pretty fast!  I don’t like the taste of soap.

Don’t you wish there was some soap around for a few of our public leaders sometimes?

Sure seems people are getting caught in fibs, flubs, stumbles and slips a lot these days–even outright, who-cares-if-I-lie kind of “Un-truths.”

Just listen to our presidential candidates–and those who take sides and jabber about them.

Not sure how long I would last having my Every Word grabbed by the Gotcha Squads constantly on the prowl for a Big Lie.  But, I think I might watch my mouth–so it wouldn’t get Washed Out with Soap.

So, is it Lying Hillary or Trumping it Up Trump?

Kristof of the Times lays it out fairly clear. . .and it ain’t pretty (esp. for Mr. Trumpery):

Clinton’s Fibs vs. Trumps Huge Lies

Who do YOU think blows the most bubbles?

Wish my mother was here!


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