Wilderness at the Door


It wasn’t easy to leave California where I lived for half of my life.  We always felt we were living in the middle of a big park.

But our new state–North Carolina–is sending quite a parade of wildness to greet us!

Black bears wandering across the patio (one with 3 cubs); black rat snakes in the trees (THAT was a surprise); turkeys and rabbits and box turtles running around (turtles not running so much); and an endless variety of songbirds with feathers and songs I’ve never seen or heard.

Not to mention the WILD thunderstorms, summer rains and the incredible variety of colorful flowers.

I’ve lived in Three Amazing Green States (when there isn’t a drought)!

And. . .as I write. . .it’s raining again. . .on August 2. . .stronger than I remember seeing even in wet and soggy Washington–the Evergreen State!

Greening Rains of August

To paraphrase John Burroughs, wait long enough and Nature will come to your door!


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