Those Who Speak for God

Washington DC 2004 049
What do you hear?

Let me tell you what God–aka, the Almighty Lord of the Universe–is thinking and feeling.  Here’s what “He” (maybe She) has to say to YOU. . .

Well, do you believe me so far?   Are you waiting to hang on each word from my mouth as coming directly from the mouth and mind of the Creator?

I doubt it.

And that hurts!

Why wouldn’t you believe that I can speak for God because I tell you I am intimately familiar with God’s mind and heart?

{after all, I have a Master of Divinity degree from a respected theological school, studied the Bible–and other “Holy Books”–for many years, and served in ministry for a long time}

Believe me!

You don’t?  You don’t hear the Voice of the Spirit in my voice?

Damn you!  I mean, Bless you!

Ok, I’ll get to my point here. . .

Billions are listening every day to millions of their fellow humans, believing those “special and chosen” few speak for the Great One Who Can’t Speak for Him/Herself.

Today I read the expected “advice” from evangelist Billy Graham (whose “My Answer” column appears daily in the local paper, right under the comics, across from the horoscope!).  He “answered” a child’s question, “Where did God come from?”  Such an easy answer for Billy.

“The Bible says. . .”

Great.  I’ll bet THAT satisfies the kid.

Then, a few pages later I read these words from God’s Vicar on Earth, Pope Francis, telling people in Poland:  “Trust the memory of God:  His memory is not a hard disk that saves and archives all our data, but a heart filled with tender compassion.”


Thank you.  Good to know there is someone who regularly checks God’s Memory Skills.

Isn’t it comforting and reassuring to know we have so many who “know the mind of God”?

We hear it from pulpits and altars, from churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and meeting houses across the planet, day after day, week after week.

Here’s what I think (No, not what God thinks):  People hear what they wish to hear and believe what they really want to believe, from just about anyone who convinces them they have a direct line because they are Special.  Preachers and popes think they know more than “ordinary” and “common” folk, when they don’t, but people look to them, and listen, and believe.

You know what I think?

Nature, including our own natural reason and common sense, is all the “Voice” we need.

Don’t believe me.  No, seriously, don’t you DARE believe me.

Go and listen for yourself.

Maybe there’s no “voice” at all. . .just the sounds and the silence in the great open sanctuary where “scriptures” can be freely read by all.  No mediators necessary.








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