Secular Sermon?

Obama DNC

Well, the adults are in the room so listen up.  Obama gave an amazing, uplifting, maybe even inspiring message last night at the DNC.  I’ve always been proud that he is the President and honestly I’m a bit sad he’ll be out of the Formerly-Just-for-Whites House.  Yet, if rational adults are present in the room, we should soon have a woman in the Always-Just-For-White-Men House.

Listening to Obama last night I was impressed that he was delivering a kind of secular sermon.  Without having to use religious texts or too many faith words–or too many “God” words–he seemed to be preaching a unity message to the nation across all divisions, real or imagined.

Am I sick and tired of everyone ending speeches with “God bless America.”  Oh yes.  It’s just expected now, of every politician, like expecting we all will say the pledge and hear “God bless you” when we sneeze.  But I really wish the President had made at least one comment that recognized the millions of secular Americans who support him and his grown-up message of reasoned, strong and compassionate leadership.

I guess we can’t expect to be included in every speech.  But we’re a growing segment of the nation and all good leaders should be remembering our presence, and that we vote.

I hope Hillary is listening.

Sermon or not, last night was just what the country, and the world, needs to hear.

A hearty (secular) AMEN! to that.


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