Bridges not Walls

clinton and kaine

Trump and Pence

I watched a few hours of the Repub Convention last week.  The Preacher Politicians loved their National and nationistic Pulpits.  Really awful to watch, especially for a secular American.  The message was very clear:  Jesus is calling the Republicans to make the nation Heaven again. . .and Hell for everyone else in the (devil-loving) world.

Personally, I don’t want to see the end of the GOP.  I think America needs two, three, four parties with opposing views on issues.  That should make for good, rational, constructive debate.  That would be a healthy system.  But now. . .well, we have a wall-building red and red-eyed party of Raging Anger, Fear and Fearful Faith, Irrational and Ignorant Shouting, America First! and Dictator Don.  Trumpery* is afoot in a bad way.

As terrible and terrifying as it was to watch, it was mostly a huge unsurprising disappointment.  It left me even more disappointed that millions of people believe a person who stands up and shouts about himself, selling fear, divisiveness, hatred and dark doom and gloom.  “Believe me, Believe me”!  Say something enough times and people believe.

Now, I’m not a jump-up-and-down Hillary fan, but I’m ready, and I think this country is generally ready, for a woman with experience and vision to lead the nation forward.  Is she perfect?  Of course not.  Is she all the blustering negative misogynistic things the Party of No says of her?  Not as I see her.  The convention shouted “Lock Her Up!” though she has not even been charged with any crimes.  How is that American?  How does that have anything to do with Justice?  Some at the convention were even calling for her execution!  Sad, sick and silly, really.  They think this is one big Reality Show.  So Un-Real.  Don’t you hate it when people “Open Carry” so much ignorance?  Pretty dangerous, I’d say.

People are afraid and disappointed.  I get it.  I’m disappointed too, that the Party of No stands in the way of reform and progressive policies.  But I listened to Senator Tim Kaine’s speech today and I suddenly felt some hope for the future of secular America.

Kaine has an “A” rating from Planned Parenthood and an “F” from the NRA.  My kind of guy!  Now, when he spoke about his Catholic faith, I cringed a little, but it was nothing like we hear from the Preacher Politicians in their Public Pulpits.  He spoke (in English and Spanish) as one who really knows people, and respects diversity, not all focused on Me, Me, Me.  I particularly liked his comments on people of different beliefs, including those with “moral” perspectives, working together.  The message is about Bridge-building, not Wall-building.  How refreshing is that!  He spoke, as Hillary does, in a manner that makes me proud to be in this nation, which is great, but not the only great nation, and not God’s and not Christian. . .and not Republican and not one big Tower of Trumpery with fake hair.

Ok, it’s starting to rain and everything’s looking fresh and green.  Enough politics for today.  Time for a walk.

*Trumpery:  attractive articles of little value or use.
• practices or beliefs that are superficially or visually appealing but have little real value or worth.  [note the synonyms for trumpery]

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