Love Your Neighbor?

Satanist Suhor Prayer

Please keep in mind that many “Satanists” do not believe in a literal Satan or Devil.  From what I can tell, “Satanism” is a (reasonable?) response to religious pietistic privilege.  That’s one reason I keep enjoying what I see the Satanic Temple doing across our Christian-saturated and Faith-dominated nation.  This video is a great example, as one calm and peaceful Satanist singer goes up against a room-full of angry, fearfully-ignorant Christians:

Invocation in Florida

Pay attention to the TEXT of the song this man sings.  Actually quite beautiful.

Let us stand now,
unbowed and unfettered
by arcane doctrines
borne of fearful minds in darkened times. . .

I would think even Jesus might smile at that.  

As the article says, the intent of this man is to show two things:  ANY group should have an equal chance to give an “invocation” in a public meeting.  And, WHY should ANYONE be giving invocations at a public meeting in the first place?

Legitimate questions.

Over and over again I see these “forces of evil” serving as models of reason and even loving compassion in the face of Fearful Faith and God’s VERY ANGRY Defenders.

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