Rivers of Nonsense

ganges water

Sometimes I think the most “miraculous” thing about Religious Faith is that it still has a way of stunning us with amazing nonsense.

India Offers Ganges Holy Water By Mail (BBC)

“The river is sacred to Hindus who worship it as “Mother Ganges”, but it has also become badly polluted with industrial waste, sewage and dead bodies. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised a huge clean-up operation, but India’s environment watchdog said in January that little had changed so far.
Small businesses operating close to the river point out they’ve been bottling and selling its water locally for years, but admit that the post office’s plan is enormous by comparison. Businessman Subrata Khan says that initially his company filtered the water to make it “crystal clear”, but that led to a dip in sales. “We understood that people were failing to relate with clean Gangajal,” he tells The Times of India website. “So we stopped filtering it and it worked wonders.”

Bottling and packaging deities is nothing new.  Selling bits and pieces of God is fairly common.  Who bakes, bottles and sells the body and blood of Christ (communion bread and wine)?  Who makes and sells “kosher” or “halal” foods?

Two observations:

-At what point does the natural become the super-natural (unholy to holy) and who can do that?

-If a river (or other part of the natural world) is being polluted by religious rituals to the point where people don’t even care it’s polluted (and even call the pollution “holy”), then isn’t Religion one of the greatest threats to Nature?

Where is the Indian John Muir?!



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