The Only Possible God

Blue Ridge Mountains from Mount Mitchell (photo by Chris Highland)

“The great volume of Nature should be open to all.  Superstition cannot read a line or spell the shortest word. . .  The only authority is Nature–the facts we know. . . The books filled with the facts of Nature are our sacred scriptures, and the force that is in every atom and in every star–in everything that lives and grows and thinks, that hopes and suffers, is the only possible god.”

~Robert Green Ingersoll, “The Science of Theology”


3 thoughts on “The Only Possible God

  1. The Creator of heaven and earth created nature and it is amazing! Have you ever seen the image of sand magnified 500Xs? It is BEAUTIFUL and each grain is as unique as a snowflake! We have to be able to distinguish between creation and the Creator whose creation is beyond belief incredible! Humans are created in the image and likeness of God, not nature, and we don’t “look” so good until we trade in our “warts” for the Light of Christ! “Awake, O sleeper, and arise from the dead and Christ will give you light” I was pretty on the outside but “ugly” within until I despaired of life and our Father, in his all-loving Goodness sent his Holy Spirit and fire and rocked my world. Now after many encounters and tests of faith and trials and tribulations I am truly FREE. It is time we wake up and realize the Truth and the Truth sets us free. Nature cannot do that, but God can! He wasn’t real to me either until he broke into my life and blasted me into Truth and Life! Thank God! This is my prayer for every human being: wake up and be set free! Thanks for letting me share my heart ~Yvonne

  2. Well, Yvonne, thanks for your “visiting preacher” sermon. . .I guess. I once believed some of what you proclaim here. . .then I noticed there was a big beautiful world of diverse views and beliefs outside my own narrow head and experience. That’s the beauty of being a part of Nature. It’s so much more wonderful than one religion, one god or one person’s faith. I wish you well.

    1. Hi Chris! I have never been called a “preacher” before or given a “sermon,” but what has become more real to me than the world is not one religion, one god or one person’s faith! I wish you well as well! ~Yvonne

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